December 11, 2015Published by: Samantha Sy

2015 in review according to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Apple

This week the world's social networks have released their picks of the biggest moments 2015. With the New Year approaching, these reviews give a great insight into how we consumed and shared media this year, and perhaps why the impression of how 2015 went down is different depending on the social network you favour. It shows trending topics from a range of different interests that we, as a world, joined together to appreciate, sympathise and enjoy.

We use these social platforms every day whether we like, retweet, browse or share posts in passing, not fully acknowledging our actions are being tracked. Below we will show our findings on their reviews and what we found interesting in particular.


YouTube's top 10 trending videos of 2015 were a real mix. Only three are from 'ordinary YouTubers' like me or yourself and the remaining seven are comprise TV clips, advertisements and announcements. Humour goes viral on YouTube which is shown through their review. From a British police officer singing Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' to cute prank by Roman Atwood welcoming his girlfriend home with a house filled with plastic balls up 2.5 ft high!


Twitter highlights the most retweeted, top trending, most influential and new voices. One Direction dominated the Twittersphere this year: the three top tweets from the singers and two are about them. The year according to Twitter was an entertainment-filled one, which is in stark contrast to the year in review according to Facebook...

Twitter year in review 2015


Facebook's 2015 review lists the most talked about topics amongst the 1.5bn users of the service, and this year was dominated by crises, natural disasters, protests and attacks. The Facebook world appears to have mirrored the news agenda; using video to depict how the world reacted on all topics from entertainment to disaster. Out of all the social media platforms we found this the most touching as it relates to real events and stories. Looking at the list, I think we can all hope for 2016 to be of peace and happiness.


Apple's newly-published review reveals what apps we chose do download - 'the most visionary, inventive, and irresistible apps and games of the year,' picking a good selection of big budgets, smaller budgets and free titles. A common theme that runs throughout the apps are the creative and visual. The App of the Year shows how each device is being used: from iPhone's Twitter's live streaming service Periscope to Mac's Affinity Photo a professional image editing software for Macs only. This review is definitely worth a look if you're looking for any new apps or games for the New Year!
Apple apps of 2015

Apple apps of 2015 2

We love seeing how the world responds through social media and these reviews are a great recap of everything. We're now waiting with baited breath for the 2015 year in review stats from Reddit.

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