July 11, 2017Published by: Steph Bennett

30 days to get Instafamous

When Radio 1’s Dev came to us for advice on starting his own Instagram channel and said he wanted to get to 10,000 followers in just one month, we immediately jumped into action. There really is no time to waste when you want to build an audience of that size in little more than four weeks!

Dev popped into Battenhall HQ to meet the team and allow us to find out what he’s really into, how he uses other social channels and give us a glimpse of what he’d posted to date – The Cliff Richard plate is priceless!

Find out what happened next and how Dev did on his mission to become >> Instafamous in just 30 days.

Do you want to be Instafamous too?

It’s not always easy, and admittedly it helps if you’re a Radio 1 DJ, but if you’re looking to launch a new Instagram channel or to build your existing audience, here are our top tips to get your started:

1. What’s your name and where do you come from?
Your Instagram handle is your brand. It’s the first clue you give to others about the content you’ll be posting so choose wisely. And if you can find a handle that you can use across all of your social channels, you’ve got a winner!

2. What’s your thing?
Giving your channel a purpose and focusing on a niche, topic or industry will help define who you are and the audience you are trying to reach. Do a bit of research to find out what the relevant hashtags are for your niche too. Using these will be key to being being ‘discovered’.

3. What have you got to share?
Think about the type of photos and videos you want to put out. What do they say? How do they look on your feed? Would your fans enjoy them? Do you want them to be around permanently or might it be better if they disappear after 24hrs? A good balance of photos, videos and Stories will help you to build your following as it gives followers more to engage with.

4. Do people know you’re there?
You can’t throw a party if you don’t invite the guests. So, tell people that you have an account either in person, through other social channels or simply by following them directly; use hashtags on your posts to attract interest and engagement; and if you really want that added boost, consider promoting your profile through social advertising.

5. Are you being friendly?
When people talk about social networks they often forget the word ‘social’ in the way they behave. Socialise and chat to your fans, your friends and people who share your views on Instagram and grow your network. Like photos, thank people for following and just add a little bit of personality, as that’s what makes the best accounts stand out.

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