March 27, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

Anonymous, hyperlocal app Firechat breaks new boundaries in social messaging


The last week saw a new app launch which we're loving at Battenhall. FireChat, which allows anonymous, hyperlocal social messaging, is rising up the charts and seeing 100k downloads a day as it becomes the new hot property of the web. It's ridiculously simple to get started with. Signup requires just a name - any name - then you're in. What's new about this app is it doesn't need mobile signal to work. It uses a new feature in the iPhone that skips around from Bluetooth, wifi and mobile signal to connect you with people nearby.

Already this app which is only one week old is the number one social networking app in two countries, and number two in five countries, according to Apple App Store data.

The implications for this new app are huge in so many areas in both consumer and business comms, from retail and leisure to entertainment, events and anything underground or where there's poor signal. Currently FireChat only allows the sending of text, but I have read staff messages in FireChat that say they are testing photo sharing, which would surely be the killer app.

Look out for the first brand/s to start making use of this beauty in the near future.

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