November 19, 2014Published by: Sharmin Cheema-Kelly

Apple users like grilled halloumi and exercising, while Google users spend 50+ hours online a week

Ever wanted to experiment with research on what audience your brand resonates with the most? Or flip that maybe, what brands, media, social media and people your target audience trust the most? Enter YouGov Profiles.

Last week YouGov unveiled its media planning and audience segmentation tool at the Festival of Marketing which aims to provide marketers with a more detailed insight into the lives of their customers, as well as the products and services they use. However it is only since yesterday that it has taken the internet by storm with publications such as The Guardian, The Times, and CNET reporting about it, and with over a thousand people logging on to the app each second.

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YouGov collates this data by integrating 120,000 data points from more than 200,000 active UK panellists collected in the YouGov Cube to illustrate how each person engages with traditional (TV, radio, newspapers) and new media (online, mobile, social), which it dubs as being “unique to the research industry”.

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YouGov profiles consumers by looking specifically at their demographics and lifestyle, brand usage and perceptions, media consumption, digital and mobile behaviour, social media activities, and attitudes and opinions. For example, a quick search of Apple reveals that most of its users are females aged between 25 – 39 in Media/Publishing or Advertising/Marketing/PR who like exercising and who sometimes splash out on products they might not need. Apple users also describe themselves as “clever”, prefer shopping at Waitrose, and spend between 31 – 35 hours/per week online.

The data doesn’t show a “typical” customer, but those whom the search subject would appeal to most, according to YouGov. With over 30,000 search terms available, YouGov Profiles highlights the importance of big data in providing an insightful portrait of consumers and will no doubt be a useful tool for marketers in future.

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