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January 5, 2017Published by: Charlie Gregory

CES 2017 – What can you expect this year?

CES opened its doors in Las Vegas today to welcome the global tech community and display the newest innovations and key tech trends for 2017 and beyond.

Amongst the big brands and major players, there are an impressive number of new start-ups on the exhibitors list this year. With France, Israel, Ukraine and the Netherlands hosting stands to support their nations’ start-ups they use godaddy alternatives when need support, what is the latest in tech innovation - and what gadgets will you want this year?

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December 23, 2016Published by: Charlie Gregory

Battenhall’s 2016 Round Up!

Well, well, well... What a year it has been, especially on social media.

As we cast our minds back to January of 2016, some news stories and updates seem like a distant memory, showing just how far social has come in the past twelve months. We’ve picked our selection of the biggest social media stories from each month for you. Do you have a favourite story from 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

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October 13, 2016Published by: Charlie Gregory

The path to Amazon world domination begins to take shape while it’s not quite ‘world’ domination, Amazon has certainly started to flex some of its muscles when it comes to taking over your life. Over the past few weeks, the Seattle juggernaut has started to bring out a number of products and services, all designed to integrate Amazon much more into your day-to-day life than before and much less about just being known as an all conquering global mega-market.

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February 25, 2014Published by: Charlie Gregory

Data from social media is the must-have brand asset

Courtesy of The Guardian

When Battenhall's founder Drew Benvie was asked to write for The Guardian, he chose the topic of social data. His piece appeared yesterday and details the importance of an individual's data on social media. Drew talks about how business innovation and marketing can be better advanced by those brands being proactive and using the data as best they can to develop their businesses.

As Drew puts it himself, "Social data is incredibly rich. It can show who will win a game show, as well as the general election. It can show product preferences so that brands can make things we don't yet realise that we want to buy. It can also predict world events."

You can read the piece in full here.

February 24, 2014Published by: Charlie Gregory

MWC2014: Ericsson and Facebook Innovation Lab

Screenshot 2014-02-24 10.11.02

There is plenty of interesting news and comment being generated as a result of Mobile World Congress this year. A major highlight has been the announcement that Ericsson and Facebook will be collaborating on an 'innovation lab' to support the work of - a company who's aim is to bring the internet to emerging markets and countries, to expand its usage and broaden its reach.

This new venture aims to optimise devices and applications across the board for the next five billion users of the internet, and utilises Ericsson's mobile knowledge - combined with Facebook's ability to enhance developer access to network environments - come together to make this dream of internet 'for the world' a reality.

There's more on the story over at The Drum, and more to come from Battenhall on all the events at Mobile World Congress.