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May 31, 2018Published by: Delia Howe

Focus on the ‘Gram!

Let’s face it, Facebook has had its fair share of negative publicity recently, following major backlash over the Cambridge Analytica data breach and the social media giant’s data protection policies. However, May began on a positive note for the company as it stepped forward to host its annual F8 Developer Conference. Mark Zuckerberg announced several new updates as reported by The Verge, including a Facebook dating feature, a new Oculus Go VR headset, and a Messenger revamp, to name a few. It also seems that Facebook is focusing a lot of energy on ramping up its visual kiddo - Instagram.

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September 5, 2017Published by: Delia Howe

The Tweeting T&Cs

If, you are anything like me, and logging into Twitter to see an ‘Update to Terms and Conditions’ message pop up doesn’t appeal in the slightest, you’re in luck. Reading new Terms of Service notes, if you even do, is like a game of hide and seek to find what has actually changed, how to interpret the new changes, not to mention did you ever read them before to actually know what has changed? I thought not. Well, the good news is that I’ve read Twitter’s new T&Cs so you don’t have to.

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