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May 4, 2016Published by: Samantha Sy

What Snapchat, the King of micro-moments, has in store for us

Snapchat has evolved a huge amount since its inception in September 2011 and we've kept a keen eye on this social messaging platform as it has continued to grow, and draw in users from across the globe with its innovative and addictive features. One of those is the ability to apply filters, and in March for our third birthday, we set about creating our own custom made Snapchat filter.

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January 4, 2016Published by: Samantha Sy

Twitter reaches for the sky with Twitter Moments

Twitter experimented with a variety of changes in 2015: from adding “While you were away” recaps to swapping favourite stars to like hearts. These changes received mixed responses from the public as some loved the hearts whereas others thought they were too personal. Likewise, some loved the recaps while others deemed them messy. However, the overall consensus at Battenhall Towers is that we absolutely *heart* Twitter’s newest feature: Twitter Moments.

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December 11, 2015Published by: Samantha Sy

2015 in review according to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Apple

This week the world's social networks have released their picks of the biggest moments 2015. With the New Year approaching, these reviews give a great insight into how we consumed and shared media this year, and perhaps why the impression of how 2015 went down is different depending on the social network you favour. It shows trending topics from a range of different interests that we, as a world, joined together to appreciate, sympathise and enjoy.

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