June 25, 2013Published by: Fereshta Amir

Battenhall at #GrowWithTwitter

Grow With Twitter

Team Battenhall attended the #GrowWithTwitter event at the London Film Museum today. An event aimed at promoting opportunities for brands on Twitter, the speakers included Stephen McIntyre, Bruce Daisley, Oli Snoddy, Don O'Leary and Dara Nasr from the Twitter UK team as well as Matt Wheeler from Forward Labs, Sharon Flaherty from the Confused.com communications team and Guy Yalif, Head of Global Product Marketing for Twitter.

Stephen McIntyre opened up proceedings. He stated that with 200+ million active users and 10 million in the UK alone, Twitter is changing the nature of live events, giving a first person perspective. In the UK 80% of Twitter users are mobile, meaning they are to be reached on-the-go. Twitter is a short distance between the person (@) and the interest (#) and the top categories people want to hear about are: TV, retailers, tech, news and fashion. 54% of Twitter users follow brands and businesses.

Bruce Daisley, Director of Twitter UK, then discussed how Twitter increasingly acts as a second screen to TV, with 60% of users tweeting while watching TV. It was interesting to see the different types of media and corresponding twitter engagement: with dramas, tweets are 'bookends' (low during the show and high before and after); talent shows' tweet patterns change from constant (through early stages) to high during crucial episodes, such as semi-finals and finals; and there is an interesting correlation between current affairs programmes such as Question Time and chat-shows such as Alan Carr: Chatty Man, in that both genres of show remain constantly active on Twitter, increasing levels of conversation way after the credits.

Grow With Twitter 2

Planning for the moment is key and the example of Lynx really stood out to us as being timely and conversational. During Oli Snoddy's talk, he spoke about an episode of #thedoggingtales on Channel 4, where a masked dogger said that he used Lynx as his deodorant. This was seen to be terrible exposure for the brand. However, the response from the Lynx social media team was to play the tweets, show and hashtag to their own advantage, as you can see here. An example of adapting in the moment, using clear guidelines and a decentralised social media management system.

Finally, creativity in 140 characters was touched upon. Guy Yalif argued against the claim that 140 characters is constraining, suggesting that Twitter is a bridge, not an island. Vine was discussed as improving creativity and to finish it off with a very, very creative 140 character tweet from Smart Car Argentina: here it is. Most importantly of all from today, we have some Twitter branded goods for the Battenhall office. Win all round.

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