June 17, 2016Published by: Aaron Griffiths

Battenhall Design Team: Here London

Here London is an annual convention bringing together some of the best art, design and technology talent from all over the world. This year, Battenhall’s design team had the privilege to attend and enjoy an array of talks that ranged from sculptors and MTV’s visual storytelling VPs to architectural collectives, filmmakers and NYTMag design directors. There were lots of activities to get stuck into in-between the speakers that got our creative juices flowing! As well as these, there were plenty of delicious snacks, drinks and goodie bags available, courtesy of event organisers It’s Nice That.

In particular we enjoyed one of the keynote speakers, Richard Turley, as he spoke about social media and the challenges that brands such as MTV face encouraging young people to engage with the television rather than their phones. MTV successfully solved this problem by integrating social media into the television screen. Their 2-hour NoChill feature is a mish mash of anarchic images, animations and internet memes that are overlaid onto viewer’s favourite shows such as Catfish and Ridiculousness.

The activities throughout the day were really engaging as visitors had the opportunity to have their names, brands or social media handles drawn in beautiful hand-lettering on G. F Smith paper stock, as well as their pictures taken professionally at a pop up booth set up by Getty Images. Poetry and illustration were also available on demand, courtesy of The Poetry Takeaway and 44flavours.

It was an amazing event and definitely one worth checking out for anyone interested in the creative industries. You can check out the day's events as they happened on the live social feed HERE. We can’t wait for Here 2017!

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