March 8, 2018Published by: Drew Benvie

Battenhall turns five

A lot of people, it turns out, have a five-year plan. I’ve been asking around and I can confirm these plans are almost always incredibly exciting. To travel the world. To buy a home. To swim with dolphins. To start up a business. Some people just plan for health and happiness, which is sensible I think. But five years ago, my plan was to build a business myself, around something I felt I could do well, and for it to succeed. When I say succeed, I meant still exist in five years… that’s all really. And now here we are five years later.

I was asked in March 2013 what my vision for Battenhall was, and I said something a little different to my humble inner plan. "I want to create the next great agency", I said. And Battenhall was born. Today marks five years since that plan got under way, and what a five years it has been.

The last year in particular has been transformative for Battenhall. We are now ranked ‘best agency’ by five separate industry bodies. We have invested heavily into all areas of our business foundations by opening up a new, expanded HQ in London, rolling out new internal systems, by expanding our team with new hires and new skills, and developing software products that enable us to differentiate our service and create our own IP. 2017 was a whopper with all the trimmings.

The backdrop to this last 12 months in the media landscape has also been full of change. The effect social media can have on public opinion has never been more visible, and the ethics of how media should work never more in the spotlight. As government bodies, media brands and social media platforms all look at ways to improve consumer experience and media transparency, what’s left is pretty much what we saw when we started Battenhall five years ago: a world where technologies are evolving faster than your average communications team can keep up with, and a real need for consultancy that has a depth of specialist technical skills combined with a breadth of media consultancy experience.

What we are proudest of here at Battenhall, though, is the recognition that has come for the working model we have developed and the people we have brought into the Battenhall family – clients, team members, and supporters alike. From our daily, monthly and annual flagship publications and events, to the little everyday things that happen in the office, like our 20% time and side projects, we all deeply believe we are helping to build a new way of working through innovation and experimentation.

As brands and consumers alike begin to experiment with what's possible with mobile and wearable health technologies, it's handy to see a collection of predictions all in one place. Boehringer Ingleheim has partnered with PSFK to get this report published for free. It's available to view below in full.

Consumers today are more demanding than ever before. Not only do they want to be in control, they want options tailored specifically to their needs. And in most arenas they get what they want: their shoes, fitness regimes, banking solutions and even their burgers are made just for them. But the health industry has lagged, until now.

Thanks to a focus on personalized data, real-time information and blockchain technology; healthcare is finally getting a reboot. And the implications are significant. Not only is it better for patient outcomes, it democratizes health and creates greater efficiencies and scalability. Here are some of the trends we can expect to see.

You're in control now

Made Just For You

Bowhead Health, named after the longest living mammal (the Bowhead whale), is a healthcare startup on a mission to remove the pain points and inefficiencies of health management. They believe that when you empower patients to manage their own health, health outcomes improve. Their device, smaller than a food processor, is capable of reading your biometric data in real-time. Through a blood-prick test or saliva, users submit a small sample into the machine. This then gets sent to doctors who can instantly detect any key deficiencies. Based on this data, the machine dispenses a vitamin-based pill, just for you, read more about hearing loss treatment from these sonus complete reviews.

Anything made specifically for you is likely to increase adherence and thus help prevent problems arising in the future. And as most medical scholars will agree, preventative medicine is more effective than treating a problem. In another example, Habit is a food-tech business that uses biometric testing to recommend personalized eating plans and then sends the meals to your door.  The business is based on a similar insight: personalization heightens compliance and betters health outcomes.

Blockchain Powered, Data Secured

Blockchain technology powers Bowhead Health, Pokitdok, MedRec, Gem and is the technology of choice for most new healthcare startups. The real benefit of this technology is that no data is ever lost. Your health records are secured on a ledger, that you, the patient, gets to control. You can share the data as needed, and know it will never be hacked and the data will be kept even if you move countries, or switch doctors.

PSFK Future Of Health Report from PSFK

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