March 7, 2017Published by: Drew Benvie

As Battenhall turns four, what’s next for the future of comms

It's Battenhall's fourth birthday today, and the time has passed quicker than I'd ever have imagined. Since our humble beginnings, renting one desk in a East London co-working space, we've had the good fortune to attract clients, team members and accolades that I personally had never imagined possible.

Battenhall birthday

Now, in our new and upgraded HQ building, we're working across industries from fashion to FMCG, healthcare to high-tech, and automotive to locomotive. We're breaking new boundaries literally and digitally, speaking more languages, building products and developing IP. Every week we're delivering new innovations as a result of the genuinely pioneering challenges we've been asked to overcome.

Back when we launched, I felt that a different way of working was required to deliver on our vision to be the next great agency. Whilst we've achieved a huge amount already, the best is yet to come, and it's not what we do, but the way we work that has made all this possible. From our R&D allocation, to tech investments and product development, we're still evolving and growing faster than ever, but one thing's for sure, we're still as determined than ever about making our mark on a discipline that is being disrupted by technology innovation now more than ever. The future of comms is changing faster than ever and we're humbled to be here doing what we are at this time in its history.

So thank you to all our clients, friends and followers for your support over the last four years. Here's to the next chapter in our story and what lies ahead.

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