November 22, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

Battenhall’s social data insights in today’s Guardian

Guardian Twitterstorm

Battenhall social media data analysis was used on page 9 of today's Guardian newspaper coverage of the twitterstorm that has taken hold of the UK, when MP Emily Thornberry tweeted something that would end with her ultimately losing her job as a Labour frontbencher.

Thornberry tweeted showing a picture of a house in Rochester with a van on its driveway and three St George's Cross flags on its front with the caption "Image from #Rochester". Replies ensued, online and off. "Don't be alarmed, that's just a working class person, they are actually often very nice" read one.

We took a look at how it all developed, which tweets and blog posts caused the rapid spread, how reactions from the twittersphere influenced the media, the public and ultimately the make-up of the Labour Party. Our findings are in The Guardian's graphic, above, and in print in today's paper.

Battenhall social media data insights

We're increasingly being asked to have our social data insights used to help the media with their reporting. Here we are, above, in Sky News, The Telegraph and in City AM in just the last two months. If you are on the look out for some similar insights for brand or news analysis, do get in touch.

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