May 6, 2016Published by: Andrea Esteban Martín

Beme: Is second time a charm?

Last summer, Casey Neistat, filmmaker, viral sensation and YouTube vlogger, and Matt Hackett, ex Tumblr’s Head of Brand Strategy and Marketing, launched Beme. With an already strong online fan base, Beme feels like the next big step for storytelling apps.

The concept is easy: a social media video-sharing app where you can record videos by putting your phone on your chest or any part of your body, using the phone’s proximity sensor, without being able to see the content until it is automatically shared with all the people who follow you. They can, then, react to the video taking real-time photos.

The app is already attracting interest from celebrities, such as Kevin Spacey: “So, what you capture is authentic and unfiltered”, he states. “Because the screen is black when it’s recording, you can’t film a sunset, or a concert, or a wedding by looking through your phone. You have to use your eyes and take it all in.”

Soon after the launch, people started engaging less with Beme, and the majority of the users stopped using it— it wasn’t intuitive or easy on the eye, and it was only available on iOS. That is why, 6 months ago, the technology company secretly decided to take all the feedback from the previous iOS and beta Android versions and produce a newer and more attractive interface. It was announced and launched early this week.

This is also the first time the Android version goes out of beta, and anyone can download it— finally. As an Android user it is really interesting to see how the look and feel is, especially after spending nearly a year seeing how everything happened through Neistat’s eyes (and camera!).

Having played with the app for the past couple of days, I am excited to see what the future holds for Beme. Originality might be scary, but as Neistat says, “You either act on ideas or set them free. You don’t dwell on them.” And they sure are acting on them.


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