January 20, 2020Published by: Jenny Millichip

How to beat Blue Monday: Five tips

“Blue Monday” is blue by name but also blue by nature for many of us. A time of year where we catch ourselves feeling despondent, tired and with a long stretch ahead of us until sunnier and brighter days. 

At Battenhall, where things move fast and people are always on the go, and especially at this time of year, we encourage people to pause for a few moments and check in with themselves. How we feel is so much more than being ‘blue’. It plays out in all aspects of our lives. 

As People & Culture Manager here at Battenhall, I’m keen to impress on the team that we are not powerless to the long grey days or pressures of everyday life. There are small, sustainable actions we can take that will help keep our minds in a better place and our bodies in a healthier space.

  1. Sleep: Don't fight the dark days. Listen to your body and rest or sleep when you can. Earlier nights and getting up as the day is dawning, syncing your circadian rhythm to the season will help you feel more aligned with this time of year. A good night’s sleep (eight hours preferably) is one of the best routes to feeling on point again.
  2. Fuel: After the Christmas party period, where excess is rife, for many, January becomes a time for penance. It’s worth remembering though, your body craves balance. Are you fueling yourself? Are you eating enough or the right kind of foods to get you through the day? A good breakfast: porridge, wholegrains, fruit and teas are a great way to start the day. Check in with what you are eating and whether this is contributing to how you are feeling.
  3. Move: The tendency in Winter is to want to stay in and do a little sofa surfing. Whilst this has its place, don't forget to move! This doesn't necessarily mean an Ironman or an intense HIIT class. Try a walk on your lunch break, some yoga before or after work, or even just some simple stretching exercises. Get some endorphins in your body and remind yourself that the mind and body are connected. 
  4. Routine: Whilst we can't control the weather or when a client sets a deadline, we can control small things in our own lives that make our everyday run smoother. Decide what you're wearing for work tomorrow before you go to bed, or plan and cook your meals for the week ahead on a Sunday. Building a strong routine takes the element of surprise out of your day to day and helps keep stress at bay.
  5. Mindset: Whilst shaking the ‘blues’ is not like flicking a switch, we can make small nods towards positivity, even if we are not feeling it. Making a point to smile or say good morning to your colleagues sets a tone for your day. Showing kindness and respect to those around you never goes unnoticed and watch for the butterfly effect around the office. 

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