April 15, 2020Published by: Robert Haslam

Building ‘Out of the Margins’ website for Stonewall

When Stonewall, Britain’s leading charity for lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality, recently approached our design team about a new project, we took a look into how we could support them.

‘Out of the Margins’ is a global lesbian, bi women and trans people LBT+-rights project, led by Stonewall, which spans 21 countries and brings together 24 organisations. Stonewall needed a new website designed and created that would help provide essential resources for these various communities and advance the rights of women. 

We worked with Stonewall as part of our 20% time commitment. Since launching in 2013, we have ring-fenced a fifth of all consultants’ work time for side projects, which includes raising money for charitable causes, pushing technical boundaries through research and development, and pursuing passion projects. This latest combines an element of each.

We were chosen to create the website design and development for the ‘Out of the Margins’ project, and ongoing digital management. The website was launched in time for International Women’s Day this year, and we’re extremely proud of the work we have created.

The ‘Out of the Margins’ project was grown from a smaller pilot project working with a group of 13 LBT+ campaigners from across Southern Africa, which was delivered in Spring 2018 and funded by the Baring Foundation.

“We selected Battenhall because of its skilled and passionate team, coupled with its vast range of digital content experience,” said Liz Jacobs, Senior International Programmes Officer at Stonewall. “We saw very quickly that the team had a great understanding of what we wanted to achieve, and have what it takes to deliver it.”

You can see the work we achieved together at www.outofthemargins.org.uk/

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