April 16, 2014Published by: Steph Bennett

Can you really ‘Own the Moment’ on Twitter?

Own the Moment

Every social media marketers dream is to be the person behind 'that tweet'- the one that stands out enough to catch your eye and get your attention. The tweet that people think is so awesome it suddenly goes viral often taking that carefully selected #Hashtag with it. We've all see it happen but rarely do things go viral that are 'samey'. So why is that Twitter seems to think that by creating a calendar of events for everyone to use that anyone will have an opportunity to actually 'own the moment'. Surely if we all jumped on board with this idea it would be just like us all turning up to a party wearing the same outfit? No?

What makes a tweet go viral and what makes a brand or person stand out on Twitter during a big event or occasions is their ability to see or do something else that is unique or unexpected that is of significant value or interest to the public.

Ellen DeGeneres recently broke Twitter with her group selfie at the Oscars achieving almost 3.5 million retweets:

Ellen's Group Selfie

Barack Obama's announcement of his new term in office with an emotive photo with his wife:

Barack Obama

Nokia's cheeky tweet about Apple's new design of the iPhone 5c:

Nokia vs. Apple

So if you are planning on 'owning the moment' and standing out at the party, you'll need to be smart, creative and ready to do or say something both news breaking and emotive. Meanwhile, there's no shame in jumping on a hashtag to be seen and get involved in the chatter about a particular event. Let's not forget that Twitter is after all, a 'social' network.

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