May 9, 2017Published by: Jonny Atter

How to captivate your audience with behind-the-scenes social content

Whether you’re a brand or an individual, creating great content isn’t always that easy, so I’ve put together some some tips from observing the Australian soap opera Neighbours do it well.

I’ve watched Neighbours for years and being such an avid fan I also followed the programme’s UK and Australian Facebook pages, YouTube channel and Instagram feed. I quickly learnt that they’re always sharing new updates and that it’s always something I want to see - so much so I actually go and check out each page pretty much every day to make sure I’ve not missed an update. That may seem a bit excessive, but it’s really shown me the extensive content mix they create outside of the main television show - and it’s a lot, though seemingly effortlessly produced.

Neighbours has curated a clever content mix of:

  • True behind-the-scenes features of the filming process.
  • Upcoming storylines coming soon to Ramsay Street.
  • Episode teasers.
  • Interviews with the cast
  • Cast Facebook takeovers.
  • Q&A sessions - often two cast members answering viewer questions about themselves and/ or their character.
  • A personal vlog series (Pipe up) shot from the perspective from the character Piper Willis.
  • Content from the cast members’ personal social media indirectly featuring Neighbours.
  • Cast members’ personal social media posts and allowing them to post from the set without too many visible restrictions, such as this fun account of a scene.
  • General light hearted content that makes fun of the characters, the actors or shares an element of fun and not taking things too seriously.

With this great content mix Neighbours has a great base to engage their audience including:

Offering different content on each channel: They publish similar posts across the channels but also offer unique posts to that channel, and that’s vital in keeping an engaged audience across them all as it keeps it interesting.

Providing something special: Giving viewers that something extra really works and the personal vlog series shot from the perspective of a character is especially clever as character Piper Willis is known to create vlogs in the soap, but we never see them. Using this vlog series called; Pipe up, as a small spin off to Neighbours is a great way to bring more reality to the TV show, giving it more depth and helping foster a connection with the fans.

Engaging ambassadors: There’s such a great mix of content that there’s something for everyone helping to lock the viewers into a particular storyline or the general ethos of Neighbours, and it doesn’t have to stop there! If a fan wants to they can follow an actor’s personal social media to see those additional behind-the-scenes snippets, and by following all these Neighbours related accounts, a viewer is more likely to see a Neighbours post and then think about the show, participate, or tune in.

Asking questions: Neighbours has built a very engaged audience on social and posts often asks questions to the Neighbours community - and wow, these fans can really get their discussion going in the comment section, with an added bonus that it also helps the writers get feedback on storylines, characters and helps them develop the show to some of the audience’s wishes.

I may love Neighbours more than most, but they sure know how to keep you hooked through clever social media tactics! Go take a look for yourselves and see if there’s any inspiration in the form of structure, tone, or quality of posts that you can take away for your own content.


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