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February 24, 2016Published by: Stephen Davies

How Facebook can get Messenger ads right

Last week TechCrunch broke the story of a leaked document Facebook allegedly sent to some of its top advertisers where the social network behemoth said it intends to start pushing ads in its messaging app, Messenger, sometime during Q2 of this year.

Facebook has yet to comment on the article (other than stating they do not comment on rumours and speculation) but the leaked document claims that brands will be able to advertise to Facebook users that had previously initiated conversations with them through the chat feature.

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February 8, 2016Published by: Stephen Davies

5 ways to get more out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the social network for business professionals, was launched in 2003 making it one of the early forms of social media that's still around today. In internet years it's practically middle-aged and was part of the Web 2.0 movement that saw the rise of Facebook and Twitter and, of course, the rise and fall of MySpace.

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March 9, 2015Published by: Steph Bennett

#BattenVEDA is back with a twist!


#BattenVEDA is back! We started #BattenVEDA last year as community for vloggers who were taking part in the global YouTube event called VEDA, where participants Vlog Every Day in April or August. It's a tough but rewarding challenge which is open to vloggers of all levels of experience, so whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, we'd love you to join us.

We connect our vloggers through a calendar of daily prompts, weekly Twitter chats and regular Google Hangouts and in a twist from the usual calendar creation we asking you what you'd like to see on the list of topics. So, send your topic suggestions through to by 20th March 2015 for your chance to be featured.

Taking #BattenVEDA to YouTube and beyond

Since VEDA began, the focus has remained exclusively on YouTube but this year we're mixing it up. We're opening up #BattenVEDA to video makers on Instagram and Vine too. We're leaving it's up to you to choose how and where you want to vlog this time.

Register to be part of #BattenVEDA

Registration is completely free of charge and simply allows participants and viewers of #BattenVEDA to find you, connect and subscribe to your channel easily.

The #BattenVEDA Community

You can find everyone who has registered to take part in #BattenVEDA right here, so make time to say 'Hi' and introduce yourself - you'll find that throughout the month of April you'll be spending a lot of time getting to know each other.

If you're a #BattenVEDA veteran or a regular vlogger we'd love to talk to you about creating some additional content with tips and tricks for the community. Please email me at

#BattenVEDA Calendar of Topics

Our aim here at Battenhall is to keep you motivated and inspired and each day you'll find a prompt on the #BattenVEDA calendar which launches on Monday 23rd March. If you have a topic you'd like to recommend we feature please do let us know before 20th March 2015.

The calendar is there as guide so feel free to freestyle. This is your VEDA experience so you can vlog about whatever you like! If you want to take part but can only vlog now and then, that's okay too. #BattenVEDA is focused on community first and don't you forget it.

Staying connected

Our Twitter chats will take place every Monday evening at 8pm GMT+1 using the hashtag #BattenChat. Watch out for Google Hangouts and other spontaneous activities may pop up from time to time to make this #BattenVEDA extra special.

Finally, always remember to use the #BattenVEDA hashtag when you share your vlogs on social media and if you have any questions at all please feel free to tweet me @StephsBubble or email me at

We can't wait to connect with you and start watching your vlogs! 

March 2, 2015Published by: Anton Perreau

So long, Google+


Has the time come to bid Google+ auf wiedersehen?

It has been announced today that Google+ is being officially split into two (or more) parts, named 'Photos' and 'Streams'. The two new elements are being led by Bradley Horowitz, a longtime Google VP of Product Management. Business reputation is one of the most important pieces of your digital presence puzzle in order to ensure success from your online visibility. You can start ranking for your google business. Good online reputation management is not about suppressing negativity as much as it is about your response, then why not find out more here about the review management. Chaz Edward had knowledge of the challenges of the local search industry when local lead generation was still at its infancy. Prior to going into local SEO Full-time in 2009, Chaz Edward owned a regional locksmith company. It is there that he experienced first-hand the process of transitioning offline to online for a local business. Due to the success in local marketing, Chaz began helping other local business owners and has been very successful in doing so. You can talk to a local seo agency today so Local Brand Advisors helps you get to the top of search engine results.

Wellspring Search specialists say that historically, Google+ has been useful for increasing authorship of a blog or website, focusing on search optimisation by SEO reseller partners which Google has always had a big stake in through their majority share in the search market. Google+ also automatically backs up users' photos online, aggregates content from location pages, and acts as a contact book for Gmail.  You can find here the 2020 press realse strategies for SEO. However, much of this functionality is already possible without Google+ although more social elements will probably be reduced with this change. Use SEO Caboolture unique targeted SEO System gets your website in front of more ready-to-buy customers faster and with less effort. Premade Monthly SEO Campaigns for Your Website, You can get more from this site.

In an interview with Forbes last week, Sundar Pichai hinted that Google+ was being split up. Whilst Horowitz who's now heading up Google+ has confirmed rumours, Google has yet to make an official announcement on what will happen next to the social network. A big element of the social network that is now integrated into Android and Google for Work is 'Hangouts' although its future looks uncertain.

Read more about this Google+ news on The Verge.

February 19, 2015Published by: Charlie Sharpe

Facebook’s second coming: Could VR research revive the social network?

Virtual-reality-speeltje-of-bruikbare-marketingtool_900_450_90_s_c1_smart_scaleAs you all may be aware, the once giant of social media - Facebook - has been struggling recently. The number of new users joining is declining and, while it now has 1.35 billion users across the globe - 35 million ahead of Youtube - other social platforms are beginning to close the gap. It is fast becoming a common view that the site is inundated with advertising and is no longer popular among social media's target audience - Facebook is out of date. Some reports have even suggested that the network’s days are numbered and that the near future is one without it.

However, almost a year after the company's $2bn acquisition of the virtual reality company Oculus VR, Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox has announced that research into virtual reality app creation has begun. "The first time you're in [a virtual world], you realize you are looking at the future," Cox said. "You look around, and it's beautiful." (PC Magazine). Cox went on to explain that, when users share videos, posts, photos etc on Facebook they are not just sharing media - they are sharing an experience. Could this be a sign of a daring comeback? Only time will tell.

For now though Cox has announced that the technology is still a long way away so don't expect to be reliving your friend's ski trips or a Beyonce concert tomorrow!  The same is true for the consumer version of the Oculus Rift, but for now Facebook can only hope that VR technology will be its saviour.

November 21, 2014Published by: Pauline Leger

Changes are afoot at Facebook… again!


Things are changing again on planet Facebook. Last week, the social media giant announced its decision to reduce visibility of overly promotional posts on your timeline from brand pages. Next came Facebook at work, a unique service with the same features as Facebook that you could use exclusively with your work colleagues - a potential rival to LinkedIn. This was swiftly followed by the announcement that a new app had been developed to cluster all your groups together in one place. So what does all this mean for brands and users of Facebook?

Promotional Facebook posts

Results from a recent satisfaction survey conducted on hundreds of thousands of people about what they'd most like to see change on Facebook were pretty clear. Users want to read more about their friends and the pages they liked, and less about promotional content from brands.

Three particular types of content that just are a no-no for the users include:

  • Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  • Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  • Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

While Facebook has some measures in place to lessen the frequency posts from brands, promotional content comes mostly from those pages which the users had chosen to like. Ads however, are managed with tight controls over promotional text on images and through paid targeting.

From January 2015, Facebook will be activating new measures to limit posts that are too pushy or promotional. Brands will therefore have to re-work their messaging, as anything considered too sales oriented, using promotion out of context or re-using content from ads will not be visible.

Facebook at work

According to anonymous sources, Facebook is testing a new version of it's social network called Facebook at work. Many companies restrict or limit the use of Facebook at work but it seems this could soon be a thing of the past with 'Facebook at work' - a version for professionals that would offer the exact same options as the original website with a news feed, messenger and groups and yet be completely separate from Facebook itself. If 'Facebook at work' comes to life, it could be a massive hit, allowing people to use the internal social network to communicate with their peers, managers and the like without having to feel guilty or to face potential issues. Facebook have not commented on the leaked news so far but it has been widely shared in the media.

Facebook groups

Last but not least, a new Facebook app, 'Facebook Groups', was made available few days ago. 'Share what you care about with the people who care about it most' is the message the social network is delivering to invite users to come and view all their groups in one single app - just as we saw with the launch of messenger. This new app will allow them to interact and jump from community to community in a more seamless manner. Although groups is one of their main features, the expectation is that this will increase and encourage it's use.

What's next I wonder? To be continued...