August 3, 2017Published by: Meg Edwards

Coming soon: Facebook Messenger payment services

Splitting your bottomless brunch bill will soon be made easier with the introduction of person-to-person payments through Facebook Messenger in the UK. This feature was first launched in the USA earlier this year and was later enhanced by allowing payments to be made in a group chat. The service is free to use and does not require a password, however it does ask a couple of security questions before you can proceed with the payment. Furthermore, the payments are fully secure, protected and private.

The money is transferred within five working days which may seem like a lifetime in comparison to other reliable next working day payment services such a Venmo. However, paying through Messenger has its benefits. When paying within a group chat, there are updates on who has and has not paid (You know who you are!).

We are not quite sure of when this feature will be fully rolled out in the UK but @TheNextWeb’s Matt Navarra tweeted a promising image that could mean it may be on its way. However, since this image was posted Facebook has denied that this feature is YET to be available in the UK.

The extent to which the feature will be rolled out is not 100% clear yet and we’re yet to find out whether businesses will be able to use it as a booking and payment service within the app, rather than sending the user to a different window.

In any case, this is a big development for Facebook, as it will be competing with the likes of Apple Pay. It looks as though Apple is aware of Facebook’s progress in the payment services space, as it just announced that it will be expanding in several different countries including Sweden, Denmark, Finland and UAE by the end of the year. This shows clear signs of commitment from the tech giant, which has seen varied success in its current active countries. Watch this space, we could have a payment battle on our hands!

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