September 19, 2019Published by: Leah Domenet

Content king! Why video continues to reign supreme

It’s no secret that video is king when it comes to social media content. We’ve seen from our own experience – and all the major networks confirm – that video outperforms other formats, so it was great to hear this week that Facebook is rolling out some exciting updates.

Speaking at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, Facebook revealed some major new video features specifically aimed at Pages and Creators. We’ve rounded up the four key highlights below, so read on to find out why it’s good news for brands and creators.

1. Live video broadcasting

Facebook has introduced four long-awaited updates to its live video feature for Facebook Pages:

  • MAJOR UPDATE! A new ‘Rehearsal’ feature for page admins and editors who will now be able to test live videos before they actually go live. This includes the use of any interactive features and formats.
  • You can now broadcast Live video for up to 8 hours – that’s double the previous maximum time. 
  • You could eradicate those awkward starts to your broadcast thanks to a new ability to trim the beginning and end of live videos. Hurrah! 
  • Publishers will now be able to use apps to simultaneously share live streams to more than one place.

2. Creator Studio 

New updates to help Creators and Pages better analyse video content performance:

  • MAJOR UPDATE! A new Distribution metric will now mean a video post will be scored against the Pages’ historic post performances. Expected platform-wide in the next couple of months, the distribution metric will include: 1 Minute Views, Average Minutes Watched and Retention.
  • You’ll now be able to measure which videos are encouraging viewers to return. It will appear as a new layer under Loyalty Insights in the Creator Studio and will help Creators better understand what videos loyal fans want to see.
  • The Creator Studio now supports 13 new languages including Arabic, Chinese, German and Italian.

3. Watch Party

Improvements to the Watch Party feature include promotion and replays:

  • Facebook Pages will now be able to schedule a Watch Party to Groups in advance to help build momentum around any planned content. The platform has also introduced support for ‘replays’ for users who missed the Watch Party, and the ability to tag business partners in content they’ve collaborated on. All updates will help to improve the reach and performance of the content. 
  • Users will now see new metric updates to the Creator Studio, they include Minutes Viewed and Unique 60s Viewers (total number of unique users that watched at least 60 seconds in a Watch Party).
  • The Live Commenting feature is now also available worldwide, which allows a Watch Party host to share their own commentary during the video. 

4. Instagram & IGTV scheduling

There’s nothing better than a perfectly planned content schedule. With the latest update this will be made even easier on Instagram:

  • MAJOR UPDATE! If you have an Instagram account that is linked to a Facebook Page you will be able to publish and schedule Instagram Feed and IGTV content up to six months in advance natively on the platform. Also coming soon: the ability to draft and edit Instagram Feed and IGTV content within the Creator Studio. You are already able to do this for Facebook.
  • Will we soon be able to schedule Instagram Stories too? 

As platforms continue to fight for audiences and carve out their niche, the one overarching similarity remains the success of video content. This latest news – greater focus on post performance and optimisation – will be well received by brands and creators. Deeper insights that help to inform social strategies and provide better preparation (rehearsals and scheduling) will improve the overall quality.

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