July 20, 2016Published by: Rhian Robinson

Create Your Own Personal Emoji With Bitmoji

Snapchat yesterday announced a new integration with Bitmoji, part of Bitstrips, a personalised emoji app which the company bought in March 2016 for a reported $100 million. So what is Bitmoji, how do you use it and what does Battenhall make of it?

Created by Toronto-based tech entrepreneur and CEO of Bitstrips, Jacob 'Ba' Blackstock, Bitmoji gives you the freedom to up your emoji game and create personalised cartoon avatars from an expanding library of moods and stickers. The idea behind these comical caricatures was to fill a gap in the world of digital communication - because sometimes we need more than just words to express how we’re feeling and what we’re up to.

How to design your Bitmoji?

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can design your caricature. You can customise everything from your face shape, clothing and build, to your hairstyle, eyebrow colour and the position of your dimples. You can even add makeup, glasses, hair accessories and hats, although we’re not sure about the facial lines...

Bitmoji customisation options

Using your Bitmoji

Bitmoji can be inserted into virtually anywhere we communicate on the web, from Gmail and Facebook Messenger, to WhatsApp and now Snapchat.

The Bitmoji app has already attracted sponsored partnerships from luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman and fashion house, Steve Madden, who have created a selection of mens and womenswear outfit choices for your avatar. The app has also collaborated with Ghostbusters. With themed costumes, you can create a Ghostbusters Bitmoji to coincide with the launch of the film. It seems it’s only a matter of time before more brands get behind Bitmojis.

Bitmoji and Snapchat

Once you’ve downloaded the app and created your Bitmoji, you can link it directly to your Snapchat. A Bitmoji can be sent in chat or added to snaps and you can also send friend Bitmojis featuring more than one caricature per frame or sticker just like in this example:

Friend Bitmojis

After you take a picture or video, access your Bitmoji by tapping on the square in the upper right hand corner. This will turn on the stickers feature and from there, you can access your Bitmoji by tapping the second sticker category.

What’s more, with Snapchat’s new ‘Memories’ feature which allows you to upload older content from your phone’s camera roll or non-native images from a camera or online, the social platform is becoming more of a photo editing suite.

When users upload and edit older content, they can insert their personalised Bitmojis before adding the images to their story. Here’s a picture of our Design Team taken last month with Design Director Aaron’s bitmoji joining in!

Battenhall Design Team w/ Aaron's Bitmoji

Bitmoji and Battenhall

We couldn’t publish a blog post about the Bitmoji app without trialling it fully. Here’s some of the Battenhall team with their personalised Bitmojis.

Battenhall team Bitmojis

We’d love to see your personalised Bitmojis! Share them with us by tagging Battenhall on Twitter or Instagram.

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