June 16, 2015Published by: Aaron Griffiths

Creative ‘Here London’ Conference – best of the bunch

There are so many conferences out there, but none with such a huge array of people and professions; from creative directors to photographers and screenwriters. With this in mind we sent our creative manager along to this year’s annual Here London conference to get his creative juices flowing and get inspired to create.

With such a huge mix of talks we’re going to highlight the ones that stood out from the crowd:

Annie Atkins - @AnnieAtkins
A graphic designer whose job goes far beyond the realms of a normal graphic design role, Annie has found a niche in designing for film. While this sounds simple, we quickly found out it’s a huge process and a logistical nightmare at times…

Few key learnings from Annie's talk:

  • Graphic design for film is more than just paper design, it’s prop design
  • The filming schedule is a key piece of the puzzle
  • Always design props using real references
  • Small details matter (e.g. on a newspaper as a prop, the date should be real - 5th July 1954 is a Monday, not a Tuesday)
  • If the film is old, the prop too needs to look old but also new of the time



Man vs. Machine - @m_alderson
“Art Director, Co Founder, Creative Director, Executive … I’m just a designer” Mike Alderson calls himself “Just a Designer” but clearly he’s knowledge tells us he’s so much more. From designing TV idents for Channel 4, through to product launches for Nike with briefs such as “This Nike football boot is quicker than a fighter jet” provided for a super insightful and in-depth talk.

Few key learnings from Mike’s talk:

  • Target the clients who have the same ethos as you
  • “Design by doing - Some clients this doesn't work for but it works for ours”
  • ”It doesn't matter! You can ride a skateboard wearing a Liverpool kit"
  • Acceptance: "We think we're good at everything, we're probably not"
  • Just believe in the client’s brief and that you can create something amazing for them


All sketchnotes created by our Creative manager: @aarongriffiths


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