January 20, 2016Published by: Drew Benvie

Davos kicks off: a look at the global super-elite’s digital agenda for 2016

Today, the annual gathering of the global super-elite kicks off in Davos, Switzerland. The annual World Economic Forum, generally referred to simply as as Davos, sees CEOs, pop culture stars and innovators present and network like there's no tomorrow.

This year it seems already like digital is right up there on the agenda, and in particular a range of themes that are clearly going to see their way into the upper eschelons of business thinking for the year ahead.

Here's our run-down from the chatter we've been tracking online so far.

  1. Automation. As mentioned in the FT and The Economist this is all about self-driving, self-thinking, self-sufficient digital and robotics technology.
  2. Digital divide. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's Op Ed in the FT here tells more about the levelling of the playing field that's needed, and it's all about access to the internet and to data.
  3. Designing a new digital culture. A session including top digital brains Marc Benioff, Meg Whitman and Klaus Klienfeld.
  4. Augmented and virtual reality. This image (below) from Business Insider's Jay Yarow sums it up neatly. We will all be looking through goggles at virtual, distant worlds very soon, and brands are racing in.


And we'll be updating this post as the day develops...

Image courtesy of Dan Ngabonziza

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