January 8, 2014Published by: Anton Perreau

Make Your Own Wearable Tech

Image from WaRP

If 2014 is arguably hailed as 'the year of wearable tech' then bringing wearable tech to the masses is the obvious next step. Some of the biggest names in tech have been launching wearable technology products for years; even now we see Garmin producing their own fitness band. But now Freescale Semiconductor has launched the WaRP development kit which lets people create and test their own wearable technology: from glasses to smart watches fitness monitors and more besides.

The device, aimed at the 'maker' generation of those who would rather do it themselves is 'like a miniature version of the Raspberry Pi, an uncased Linux-based computer the size of a credit card' as PCWorld Magazine explains. Despite being about five times the price of the Raspberry Pi it has a few more features, however lacking in Zigbee support. In contrast to the Raspberry Pi, the WaRP is designed to create lightweight devices that require little power but wireless connectivity - wearable tech.

You can read more about WaRP at PCWorld: 'Freescale wants to kickstart DIY wearables with new Warp development kit'

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