April 15, 2014Published by: Fereshta Amir

Facebook break up: brands and young users move on

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Every month we number crunch to find out how many active users each social network has and every month since we started doing this, we see Facebook is still on top with over a billion users. Yet research tells us that despite these stats, many brands and young users have broken up and moved on from Facebook, mainly due to the clutter of ads that have taken over the social giant.

A recent study by ad agency Ogilvy showed that as of 2012, Facebook limited the organic reach of content to around 16 percent and as of February this year, the organic reach for brand pages was between 2 and 6 percent depending on the number of fans per page. As The Next Web reports, this means that even if your brand page has a million fans, only around two percent of those fans will see anything you post unless you pay for it. No wonder then that brands like Eat24 have officially broken up with Facebook to move to other social networks like SnapChat, Vine, Tumblr and Instagram - which are not yet saturated with ads.

Research shows that more than 3 million teens have left Facebook since 2007, while the 55+ demographic has seen growth of 80.4 percent and according to the KPCB Internet Trends Report from 2013, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram all saw boosts in popularity, while Facebook showed decline. Snapchat, in particular, grew from under a million snaps per day in May of 2012, with more than 140 million as of April 2013. Read more about this here.

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