January 12, 2018Published by: Drew Benvie

Facebook has announced major changes to the News Feed: what does it mean for brands?

Facebook has announced some major changes to the News Feed. In an announcement made directly by Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg himself, the planned changes have been described as a way of giving us better connections to one another. Of late, the News Feed has become congested with random videos, company posts, news headlines, and sometimes less savoury content too. Zuckerberg has made it clear he would like the News Feed to become front and centre in our personal social media lives once again.

What does this change mean for brands

It looks like the famous Facebook algorithm, which has long been in place, and which already prioritises personal posts over company page updates in the News Feed, will tighten even further. There are some steps brands can begin taking in order to ensure content is as relevant for the Facebook experience as possible.

Social advertising

As most brands already know, with advertising money behind a Facebook page and its posts, you can reach your audience in incredibly precise ways. This should continue to be the most straightforward way to ensure you can cut through the organic way in which the news feed will jumble the user's view of Facebook content, to get you the reach or the clicks you need.


People who have large or valuable audiences on social media, otherwise known as influencers, are important for brands of all sizes to be on good terms with. Fans, opinion formers, celebrities and critics should be involved in how you create and share content on Facebook. If you do this then you'll ensure the newly prioritised personal updates 'from friends and family' as Zuckerberg puts it get your brand content the air time it needs.


If you post content from your brand, make sure it's engaging. The more people comment, like and share posts in the News Feed, the greater reach they will achieve. Be sure not to force this though, as Facebook also frowns upon gaming the system, such as through directly asking for shares of a post.

Word of mouth

Lastly, try to get talked about by the person in the street. Some good old fashioned PR goes a long way in Facebook. If the average person on Facebook is choosing to talk about what you are up to, you'll find you can reach more people in ways that complement your own content. Events, employee comms, fun stunts and creating something of value people genuinely want to share will all help you hugely here.

The specifics of the new changes at Facebook will remain to be seen, but it is clear that Mark Zuckerberg feels passionately that the social network needs to up its game to stay ahead of the pack. His blog is worth a follow (it's a personal one, on Facebook, naturally).

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