February 1, 2018Published by: Drew Benvie

Facebook hits 2.14bn users, WhatsApp 1.5bn

Facebook announced its quarterly numbers overnight, with mostly ups and some downs. The social network reached new heights in terms of user numbers, revenue and profit, but share prices dipped with reactions to the slowing user number growth in general, and a dip in the US and Canada.

Buried in the numbers though are some important trends worth noting.

  • Users are now spending less time in the app. Facebook says this is down to shorter video viewing sessions.
  • User numbers in the US shrank by 1million in the last three months even though total global user numbers have grown by 57 million.
  • Facebook employee numbers and revenue are both growing a staggering 50% year on year. [source]
  • Facebook-owned WhatsApp grew from 1.3bn monthly users last July to 1.5bn users in December.

You can see more here in TechCrunch's thorough report on the news.

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