February 4, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

Facebook turns 10: what’s next?

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Today marks the 10th birthday of the social network. The site many like to bash as uncool, on it's way out, a twitching corpse has gone from unique to ubiquitous in a way goes beyond all sense of normal scale. 1.23 billion users, 5% of all digital advertising, 20% of all time spent online, a share price double what is started at when it floated (yet still only one tenth the size of Google), and with London the only English-speaking city in its global top 10, you might say that Facebook is only just getting started.

I for one think Facebook has a bright future, through diversity and innovation. I think what we will see in the future is a web where mobile innovation leads to a number of different must have apps and social networks. Our smart phones will brandish social networks like a Swiss Army knife, and whilst Facebook might not be the new kid on the block any longer, the social web has grown up and there is plenty of room for everyone.

For Facebook as as a business, not being cool amongst a growing, influential youth demographic is a big deal. And that's what many are saying about it right now. So we should expect Facebook to be moving at full speed with its new product development and acquisitions this year. It's new mobile app Paper has just launched in the US, Facebook Messenger has become the phone book for a generation, and Instagram which Facebook acquired nearly two years ago is just getting started.

So for me, there's plenty of life in this old dog yet.

Battenhall's Drew Benvie appeared on BBC World News today, discussing this topic and putting forward his views opposite Professor Daniel Miller.

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