August 22, 2018Published by: Meg Edwards

Facebook’s ‘Become a Supporter’ feature has landed in the UK

Back in March 2018, Facebook announced that it was testing a new subscription feature for video creators. The idea was to encourage YouTube-style creators to start earning money from their Facebook followers with a $4.99 (£3.49) a month subscription fee for loyal fans. Subscribers would have access to exclusive content and a range of other perks.

Fast forward to August 2018, and we’ve now seen a number of UK creators signed up to the feature already. Most recently, LadBaby, a parenting duo who have over 2.5 million followers on the social network, launched a ‘Become a Supporter’ button on their profile, while other creators include Amber Doig-Thorne and magician, Julius Dein.

For £3.49 a month, LadBaby subscribers have access to exclusive content including live broadcasts, a badge that displays next to your comments on LadBaby's posts and discounts on merchandise. In a video shared over the weekend, the duo confirmed that this subscription will not affect their regular posting - so those who cannot afford the fee will still get their weekly dose of LadBaby content.

As it’s such a new feature for Facebook, the reaction from LadBaby fans has been mixed. Many users have stated that they believe Facebook content should be free as it’s a free platform. However, the majority of fans are thrilled for the family and are happy to pay for a subscription as it’s clear how much work and effort the family put into creating their popular content.

So, will this new feature lure YouTube video creators over to Facebook? With the introduction of several creator-focused tools such as their own platform, app and new features including polls and gamification to live videos - it could be a huge opportunity for both established and up and coming creators. That continued momentum could definitely start winning people over.

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