March 13, 2018Published by: Leah Domenet

Fashion Month: Which brands stunned on social this season?

We’re now a week on from the end of Paris Fashion Week, which itself marked the close of Fashion Month, and you can almost hear the final sighs of relief from everyone involved - it’s now time to sit back and relax after all of their hard work.

The month, which showcased fashion brands’ upcoming Autumn / Winter collections, would have once been constrained to the four walls of the venues and the lucky few attendees. The rest of the world meanwhile, would have sat in anticipation waiting for tomorrow’s newspapers and fashion magazines to see what the hot trends were and what they should know about.

Today, thanks to social media, things are different. While we still might not be sitting on the front row, we can at least pretend and watch the show as it happens, whether that’s on Instagram Live, Stories or by following the trending hashtags. And as these new features on social media evolve, so too do their importance as part of a brands’ strategy.

It’s no longer an afterthought behind traditional PR and advertising - it’s at the forefront of strategies, and as fashion weeks go by, its use becomes more innovative. Many brands stream their show live on their social channels, or use it to tease parts of their collection before it’s been revealed to generate anticipation and conversation, and others collaborate with influencers to help boost their reach to cut through the intense fashion week chatter online.

So whether you work for a fashion brand or not, now is the perfect time to reflect on a month of inspiration, innovation and new trends. We’ll let you decide who ruled the catwalks, but what we’re most interested in is which were the (super) brands that stunned on social this season?

To find out, we took seven of the highest profile fashion brands that showed their new collections over the past month, analysed the trends in conversation specifically around their shows dates on social media to see who created the most notable buzz. To do this, we tracked the mentions of the brands and their campaign hashtags, looking at Chanel (6th March), Louis Vuitton (6th March), Valentino (4th March), Off-White (1st March), Dolce and Gabbana (25th Feb), Gucci (21st Feb) and Burberry (17th Feb).

Some key stats and takeaways:

Most mentioned brand on the day of their show: Chanel

Most successful campaign hashtag: Gucci (#GucciFW18)

Largest reach: Gucci

Most talked about brand throughout the whole month: Off-White

Most talked about in New York: Off-White

Most talked about in London: Burberry

Most talked about in Milan: Gucci

Most talked about in Paris: Chanel As expected, every brand experienced a spike in conversation on the day of their show. Burberry, who showcased their collection on 17th February, also dominated conversation on the following day, as did Off-White - both even more so than on the day of their show.



We can see that Chanel, who showed on the same day as Louis Vuitton, dominated the majority of conversation on the 6th. Of all brands analysed throughout Fashion Month, Chanel, who recreated a 
beautiful enchanted forest in the Grand Palais, received by far the most mentions on Instagram on the day of their show, 1,293 to be exact. Their campaign hashtag was also very popular being used 772 times on Instagram, bringing the estimated reach to 60.8m people - impressive? Just wait!

Chanel may have dominated in many ways, but the brand that stood out most with the hype it created on social was Gucci. Their campaign hashtag, #GucciFW18 was used 945 times on the day of the show, reaching an estimated 223m people.

What undoubtedly helped is that their show was a controversial one, as models carried their own (fake, obviously) heads and exotic animals, such as snakes and iguanas. The collection represented the designer's vision of how we construct our identities today - “a population undergoing self-regeneration through the powers of tech, Hollywood, Instagram, and Gucci” and it worked, especially on Instagram as sentiment around the brand remained above 76 per cent.

Then there was the brand of the moment. Off-White, with its street-style aesthetic and cool collaborations was unsurprisingly the most consistently talked about brand during Fashion Month. You can see a clear spike in conversation on March 1st when Off-White showed, but from the stats it seems their collection was highly anticipated and had a lasting effect.

So overall, it may seem obvious that the big brands made the biggest noise, but it’s interesting to see how they stack up against each other. It’s a hugely competitive space, but of course there are hundreds of smaller fashion houses involved as well, so next season we’re really looking forward to seeing how they make their mark on social.  

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