September 30, 2021Published by: Ray Basaula

5 lessons from my first internship

A good internship can be hard to come by – especially one that meets your career goals while remaining interesting and fun. I’ve been an intern at Battenhall for two months now and it’s been a transformative experience. From meeting creative, like-minded individuals to working with amazing brands, I’ve learned so much about the social media industry – and myself.

Here are my five lessons for anyone starting an internship.

1. Ask as many questions as possible

It can be uncomfortable at first to ask questions for fear of asking something so dumb that it’ll be documented forever. But we’ve all heard the saying “there’s no such thing as a stupid question” – and it’s actually true! 

It’s better to ask as many questions as possible (no matter how silly you think they are) because it’ll ultimately help you grow and get better at what you do. Internships are an opportunity to learn, so make every moment count by being curious and absorbing knowledge from others.

2. Believe in yourself

Starting at any new company can be daunting – let alone a multi award-winning communications agency! When I first started at Battenhall and saw all the amazing things that my colleagues were doing, I was worried I might not be able to keep up with everyone. I voiced this to my manager, who helped me realise that I was chosen for a reason – it wasn’t by chance or mistake that I got the role. In any internship or new role it’s so important to believe in your ‘sauce’, because you are the chosen one!

3. Put your hand up

The best way to learn is to do, so put yourself out there! Busy agencies and companies are usually full of busy people with long to-do lists – and most of these colleagues will welcome some extra help to share the load. As an intern, putting your hand up and offering help goes a long way with your colleagues, and can help you learn new skills that aren’t part of your usual workload.

4. Be organised

Let me set the scene: you’ve finished getting ready for work, made a nutritious breakfast with a cheeky coffee on the side, and then you log on. Suddenly a number of different people are sending you tasks, emails and meeting invites to fill your diary for the next few days. It can be overwhelming at first. 

In a busy agency, there’s something going on every day and it’s essential to stay organised and keep on top of your deadlines. Learning to prioritise tasks, writing everything down, scheduling your day, and voicing any concerns you have to your manager can help keep on top of it all. Don’t suffer in silence and end up turning things in late. There are also lots of apps and browser extensions out there now that can help organise your life more, including Trello, Notion and Evernote.

5. Don't forget to have fun

As an intern, you're there to learn and experience as much as possible during your time at a company – that includes getting to know new people. 

Since starting my internship at Battenhall I’ve realised that although I want to be the best at what I do, there’s no work without play! Get to know the people around you and on the other side of the screen. Try to put yourself out there – whether that be attending office workshops and talks, or setting up calls with colleagues to get to know them. I’ve been lucky to meet amazing people at Battenhall and get to experience fun, social gatherings alongside the work too. 

Being an intern doesn’t have to mean doing the tasks no one wants to do. It can be an amazing experience if you make the most of it by staying organised, asking questions, believing in yourself and asking for help. Stay true to yourself and always have fun!

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