December 17, 2021Published by: Charlie Sharpe

‘Wear a Christmas Hat Day’ fundraiser

Brain tumours kill more children and adults under 40 than any other form of cancer. Sadly, only 1% of cancer research funding is allocated to that particular type.

When I found out about my tumour in 2019, I was lucky enough to be unaware of these terrifying facts – and that only 14% are currently curable. I was also incredibly fortunate to learn I had one of the curable kinds.

Yet even with this good news, I still had to go through brain surgery and treatment that left me extremely ill and fatigued for a year. In this time I've lost one friend to a brain tumour and another has been recently diagnosed with one. I also have colleagues and friends who have been affected by this all-too common disease. 

As a result of my experiences, I recently joined the All Party Parliamentary Group for brain tumours and took part in a fascinating and heartbreaking conversation with brain tumour patients and bereaved families. Being one of the rare survivors, I went into it with a slight imposter syndrome, but it also motivated me to take action and try to do all I can to support Brain Tumour Research.

That's why I'm extremely proud and grateful to everyone at Battenhall who is joining me for the Wear A Christmas Hat Day on December 17. We've got a fundraising target of £274 – and any support to reach it is greatly appreciated.

It’s a small part to play in the fight for better funding, but hopefully everything we do can make a difference.

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