August 11, 2015Published by: Drew Benvie

Google becomes Alphabet and what it means for digital innovation


The company formerly known as Google last night announced a new company structure, name and CEO. Google as it used to be is now called Alphabet, a new holding company which oversees a bunch of new companies that used to be subsidiaries of old Google. These new companies include new Google, which now has a new CEO, Calico, which specialises in health innovations, Internet of things company Nest, and X Labs, which is all about far-out R&D and new products.

Old Google was a company and a product, but the diverse range of sister companies and products under the Google brand weren't really Google, is a Search engine, so a new brand structure makes total sense.

Why is the arrival of Alphabet and the new Google and its brothers and sisters of importance for the future of digital as opposed to this just being a corporate restructuring thing? It's all about better innovation and enhancing mainstream digital products.

Innovation in digital

Google's X Labs has to date created some some stand out some truly stand-out concepts that have pushed the boundaries of digital, such as wearable tech, drones, self-driving cars and many more. The Internet of things is the next frontier of digital innovation, and having X Labs, and Alphabet's other companies operating independently will surface more innovation and enable it to diversify even more, blending the digital and physical world in ways the average consumer does not today get to see.

Mainstreaming Google's core

Google can now focus its brand efforts more on its core products, such as YouTube, Search and Android. Less of the cars, health, labs etc. What we should expect to see here is much more of the same, but clearer focus and a more straightforward brand.

The bigger picture is that Alphabet is clearly now more than ever into a very diverse and innovative range of activities. For those keen to see boundaries pushed, at Google and beyond, this is an exciting move.

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