February 20, 2015Published by: Janey Spratt

Google launches ‘KidsTube’ app

_81131384_youtubekidslogoToday, YouTube announced that it will be launching a YouTube Kids app in the US on Monday. This will be a free, Android only app designed specifically for the younger generation and their tastes.

The app will offer family-friendly content under the categories of shows, music, learning and explore - allowing children to browse safely. Kids will be able to search for specific topics; however parents can disable certain ‘nightmare inducing’ searches (think sharks, spiders and dinosaurs!). Parents will also be able to limit the amount of time their child spends on the app.

The news will be reassuring to parents particularly as a recent Telegraph article looking at the history and future of YouTube points out that  "Almost anyone can upload almost anything to YouTube, for free, and be in with a chance of reaching its one billion monthly users – whether they’re activists, terrorists, politicians or pop stars (or just the proud owner of a “mutant giant spider dog”). It has changed our world."

YouTube really has changed our world and in recent years, we’ve seen the rise of YouTubers and YouTube talent. Similarly, 'KidsTube' has the potential to change how the future generation consumes media. We see kids playing on iPads on public transport or in restaurants more and more - it’s alarming how competent some young children are with the various iPhone and iPad functions, learning ‘swipe to unlock’ before learning to walk or talk.

We’re thrilled to see one of the top social networks taking measures to keep kids safe online as well as the impact this might have on children’s entertainment trends. We can’t wait to see how this new app impacts digital trends for generation Z.

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