August 29, 2018Published by: Leah Domenet

How brands can benefit from Instagram’s three new features

The security of users, their data, and the issue of verified authenticity on social media platforms, have been hot topics throughout 2018. In June, brands such as Unilever took a stand against influencers on Instagram with fake followers, and we also announced our own Battenhall SOA (Statement of Authenticity). It’s no surprise therefore, that Instagram has now stepped up and announced three big changes to help improve security on the platform. Here’s a quick breakdown of what they are and what they mean.

  1. Access to verification

The most exciting news, from a brand perspective, is that Instagram now gives users the opportunity to be ‘verified’ via an in-app form.   A verified status is always high on a brand’s agenda as that tiny blue tick is a glowing endorsement of authenticity. Now – instead of waiting for Instagram to grant notable accounts the blue badge – public figures, global brands, celebrities and entities will be able to proactively apply to have it. The criteria hasn’t changed though, so blue ticks won’t start popping up everywhere, but the good news is that the process can now be sped up – we hope!

  1. “About This Account”

For accounts that have a large reach, key information will soon be made public, including:

  • When the account was created
  • Which country it is located in
  • Accounts with shared followers
  • Any past username changes
  • Any social ads that are currently live

This change will enable Instagram users to check the legitimacy of the account easily and will deter fraudulent activity, especially when it comes to Instagram handle-trading. It’s a great tool for brands and agencies looking to work with influencers too. People can find this information by clicking on the “...” menu on their profile.

  1. Two-factor authentication with third-party apps

As technology and social media evolve at a rapid rate, so too does the sophistication of hackers trying to access accounts. This is why Instagram has brought in a new feature to increase account security, which is fantastic news for those with large followings that are most at risk. The update uses third-party apps as a two-factor authentication to login to Instagram and will soon be available globally.

These are all positive moves by Instagram. The changes help to honour authenticity at a time when brands are investing more in social media and influencers, open up the possibility of a blue tick to people and brands more proactively, and provide an extra level of security for accounts that are often the face of a large brand or influencer.

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