June 25, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

How Firechat is rolling out off the grid messaging across mobile platforms


Messaging is the new social networking. And Firechat is the new innovation on the block, having recently launched with a way of connecting mobile users 'off the grid' - ie without using either cellular or internet connection.

Firechat allows users to anonymously chat with each other using Apple's 'off the grid mesh network'. It has seen a surge in users, as reported in the press this week in countries such as Iraq. We wrote about it when it launched, but last night a new development has been announced that will push the social messaging / forum app to a new level of user adoption.

TechCrunch reports on the news out last night:

With today’s update to Firechat that’s changing. Android and iOS users can now chat on the same off-the-grid mesh network. This will make Firechat, which has seen some pretty nice growth since its launch, significantly more interesting.

We can see opportunities for consumer brands, media organisations and niche communities alike. Firechat is one to watch and to test out for sure.

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