August 16, 2016Published by: Janey Spratt

How Instagram is making itself more appealing to brands

Instagram has announced new Business Profiles that will specifically appeal to businesses, marketers and advertisers alike.

The launch comes just two weeks after the introduction of Instagram Stories, a feature criticised for being a carbon copy of Snapchat yet, despite this, brands have taken to the new feature.

This is due to brands still being able to showcase their polished images, in keeping with the style of their feed, while also being able to share otherwise unseen content such as ‘behind the scenes’ and live footage. Furthermore, many brands have large Instagram followings therefore using the new Stories feature negates the appeal of setting up a whole new presence on Snapchat.

This new move by Instagram builds on the company’s effort to appeal to business and brands, perhaps noticing that Facebook, its parent company, is being dominated by personal communication.

So what do the three new features mean for businesses?

Better promotion: Similar to Facebook’s  advertising platform, this new feature will allow businesses to promote a well-performing post using analytics to reach a wider and relevant audience. In light of Instagram’s announcement in March, switching from a chronological timeline to an algorithmic feed, the new promote feature will help businesses to react faster and to maximise on the opportunity for good content to be seen, extending the reach.

Insights: This is a long time coming! Since launching in 2010, extracting relevant insights or data from Instagram has been difficult if not impossible. The new insights feature will enable businesses to better understand the ROI of investing time and money into the platform. Furthermore, the changes will give brands and marketers more information about the personality of their followers and recommendations on the types of posts that would best resonate with them. These changes will allow Instagram to compete alongside Google, Twitter and Facebook in terms of behavioural and personality targeting.

Contact button: This will enable businesses to complete the user journey, allowing customers to get in touch directly on the platform. This will be particularly valuable to small businesses who tend to limit themselves to Facebook.

These new features demonstrate how serious the platform is about appealing to advertisers and businesses. Particularly after an announcement earlier this month introducing a moderation tool, allowing users to filter negative comments.

In short, Instagram is becoming much easier for brands to use and also much more effective to develop a business case around the platform thanks to these new tools.

We’re very excited about the introduction of Business Profiles and can’t wait to try them out!

Image credit: The Next Web.

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