August 23, 2018Published by: Drew Benvie

How WhatsApp is becoming the way to get through in business

Two new studies caught my eye over recent weeks on how business decision makers are communicating. The studies both paint a picture of the rise of WhatsApp as the go-to for cutting through email overload, death by PowerPoint and some of the other drags on corporate productivity.

The first report, carried out by The Times in its CEO Survey, shows that CEOs use WhatsApp (41%) more than Twitter (29%), LinkedIn (16%), Facebook (7%) and Instagram (6%). None, unsuprisingly, use Snapchat. This surprised me a little, especially that well more than double the amount of CEOs are on WhatsApp than LinkedIn.

The second piece of research, which came out just this week, and commissioned by Guild (see pic, above) shows more broadly how people in business use WhatsApp, and found that 71% use it in general, and 38% use it for work reasons. Stats which back up The Times' numbers for sure.

WhatsApp has been a major part of work comms here at Battenhall for five years now, with Groups and Lists being used across the board daily, in and out of hours, for internal comms and teams, for client / agency teams, for crisis comms and more broadly for brand campaigns. It's not the only messaging app we use, and there are many options out there, and we use them too, but what I find interesting is how what is essentially the 'people's favourite' as becoming a defacto app to cut through the noise.

We also use WhatsApp for Business here at Battenhall, and the new features that it is bringing in show signs of what's to come. Will we see more Slack or Hangouts style functionality to our favourite personal messaging app, or will the Facebook-owned brand stick to its simple best? Only time will tell.

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