February 11, 2015Published by: Drew Benvie

How YouTube has changed advertising

how youtube changed the world

A long-read worth reading if you work in communications is this feature in The Telegraph on the history and future of YouTube, it's impact on politics, brands, advertising and beyond.

The feature looks at how the social network, which for 9 years has been owned by Google, has made the world a more transparent place, and more lately has changed how organisations interact with the public, both direct and through the new YouTuber influencers.

The piece looks at how politicians are tailoring speech length to YouTube in order to increase views (3mins 29 is a good length), how product launches and promotions have been revolutionised, and how brands such as Topshop work with Vloggers like Zoella and get a whopping 40% / 2.8m clicks on product endorsements. The piece goes on to say:

The internet was meant to kill off advertising. Instead of sitting through annoying commercials during television broadcasts, we’d go online to watch uninterrupted dramas, comedies and silly clips. Curiously, though, last year's ten most-watched (non-music) videos on YouTube included four adverts.

Well worth a read for social media video experts and beginners alike.

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