July 24, 2014Published by: Steph Bennett

Imoji App for iPhone turns your selfies into stickers

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We're all rather fond of the humble emoji but I think it's fair to say that we've all been crying out for something a little less 'clipart' and a lot more fun and well, personal when it comes to stickers to use in our messages.

The Battenhall team are huge fans of memes and gifs so you can imagine our delight when when we discovered the imoji app via The Next Web just moments ago. The imoji app allows you to take an image or photo of your own, upload it to the app and then trim the edges around an object or a face to make entirely unique stickers for you to share with your friends.


In terms of ease of use, the app is quite simply but not always immediately intuitive to use. When you create your first imjoi it's added to a card in the app. You then need to hold, drag and drop your sticker to the centre of the card and the app opens up an iMessage complete with your sticker, ready to send straight away. There is still room for development here as I for one would love to be able to natively post my imojis to Twitter and other social networks too, not just use them for iMessage but there are ways around that for now I'm sure.

Try it for yourself and tweet us to let us know what you think @Battenhall



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