August 22, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

Instagram adds new marketing tools for account data insights and ads


Last night Instagram announced on its blog a raft of new tools to encourage businesses to take it more seriously as a brand marketing social network.  Blogging website helps you to rank tour website using the right seo tools. These include Account Insights, which gives you data on your Instagram account the way Facebook and Twitter does, Ad Insights, which is similar but for ad campaigns on Instagram, and Ad Staging, an ad management platform for Instagram campaigns.

Key metrics for the account data are interesting. They focus pretty much exclusively on impressions and reach - not interactions or click-throughs for example.

Instagram says in its announcement:

At Instagram, we’re always looking to inspire and empower brands to create beautiful and engaging imagery that resonates with our community of more than 200 million worldwide.

We’ve heard from brands that having more insight into how people engage with and respond to their photos and videos is an important part of evolving creatively. We’re excited to announce that over the coming weeks and months, we’ll begin rolling out a new suite of tools to help brands better understand the performance of their paid and organic content on Instagram.

Instagram is the hot social network right now, business use the seo reseller services to attract their clients through this social media platform every day and will be inundated with brand ad campaigns quicker than it can handle if it opens up widely to all, so for now these tools have only been tested on a chosen few brands, and are available now only to advertisers on Instagram.

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