April 9, 2014Published by: Drew Benvie

Instagram beats Twitter and Facebook for top spot with teens

Piper Jaffray social media research

Teen users of social media are coveted by brands and social networks alike. They give the cool factor and show a glimpse of what the future of digital looks like.

A new report published by Piper Jaffray looks at fresh data from teen social media usage. The report shows that Instagram has leapfrogged Facebook and Twitter to become the number one social network. In summary, the results show the top social networks are:

  1. Instagram leads with 30% of teens saying it is their most important social network (up from 17% last year)
  2. Twitter 27% (down from 30%)
  3. Facebook 23% (down from 33%)
  4. Google+ 4% (down from 5%)
  5. Tumblr 5% (up from 4%)
  6. Pinterest 2% (2% last year)

The research was carried out amongst 7,500 teens in the US with an average age of 16. The report in full is downloadable here.


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