April 19, 2017Published by: Drew Benvie

How Instagram and Facebook will open up innovation in Stories

Last night, Facebook hosted its major innovation showcase event, F8, where Mark Zuckerberg and other execs at the social network present their vision of the future and how Facebook will work with developers and brands in the year ahead. The talk of the show was Stories - or rather how Facebook will allow third parties to build into Facebook's Augmented Reality Platform.

Snapchat ushered in and popularised Stories, as a new way of sharing short term posts with a layer of augmented reality - what it calls Lenses and Filters - but the development of Snapchat's AR has always been relatively closed.

The highlight of Facebook's announcement last night is around how brands can bring in a new level of interaction to the camera, for example, as reported in TechCrunch from F8:

Zuckerberg imagines AR experiences breaking down into three major categories: augmenting objects in the physical world with additional information like putting directions atop the street or a restaurant’s reviews on their storefront, layering new virtual objects onto reality like a chess board or working television and enhancing objects that are already there with extra effects, like giving you a glitter beard or adding a castle turret to your apartment building.

You can read more on this news and the other announcements from F8 here.

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