May 8, 2013Published by: Fereshta Amir

Instagram’s new photo tagging and what it means for brands


Instagram last week launched its new photo tagging feature, meaning you can now tag any person or brand in your own photos, which will then automatically appear in the “photos of you” section of their profile. Whereas before you could only @mention each other in comments, it’s now easier to keep track of who’s who. A bit like the Facebook model, you get notified when you’re tagged and can require approvals before photos hit your profile as well as detag yourself. This tagging feature is what fuelled Facebook’s early growth, so it’s no wonder that Instagram adopted the model.

Tagging is great news for brands and companies, as they can use this new function to their advantage in a number of ways. People can now navigate to the ‘photos of you’ section on your profile and browse through photos you’ve been added in and have made visible. Photos of You allows a brand or business to curate and share in a new way the photos that best showcase them, by for example tagging the clothing brand they are wearing, the coffee roaster brand that brews their morning cup of coffee, or like in the picture below, the pizza place or restaurant they went to.


Thanks to this new feature, a brand can more easily run open social media campaigns, such as holding competitions to generate user-uploaded libraries on themes by using tagging as the navigation. What comes next will of course be down to the creativity of the brands that join in.

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