November 14, 2014Published by: Janey Spratt

Kardashian vs Comet: Did Kim’s bum break the internet?

kim paper cover

Kim Kardashian's bum featured on the front page of Paper's latest issue with the headline 'Break the internet Kim Kardashian'. The cover caused a ruckus on social media - her bum trended on Twitter with blanket media coverage but did Kim's bum break the internet as intended?

We crunched the numbers to see whether Kim's bum broke the internet more than other recent trending news; the Rosetta comet landing, the John Lewis and the Sainsbury's Christmas adverts - here's what we found.

In the below analysis we used Radian 6 to demonstrate the number of mentions around each topic, showing that Kim Kardashian's bum did indeed, metaphorically at least, break the internet:

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 15.41.54

Number of mentions:

  • Kim's bum (light blue line): 1,798,520 mentions
  • Rosetta comet (dark blue line): 1,189,274 mentions
  • John Lewis advert (green line): 395,280 mentions
  • Sainsbury's advert (orange line): 92,777

However, when we take a closer look, we can actually see that the Rosetta comet generated a larger spike in mentions upon breaking (dark blue line):

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 15.48.44

The verdict? Kim's bum didn't literally break the internet however over 1.7 million people were talking about the image and the sheer volume did drown the web. The Rosetta comet generated a bigger spike over a short period, so it all depends when you were online as to whether it's bottoms or comets that you will remember from this week.

Rosetta Landing

Image courtesy of Nasa.



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