September 15, 2017Published by: Drew Benvie

Launching Battenhall’s 5th annual FTSE 100 social media report

This week we held Battenhall's 5th annual social media future trends breakfast briefing at the screening room of the Soho Hotel, to mark the opening of Social Media Week London, and to launch our annual report looking at how some of the world's biggest brands are using social media for communications.

Core to what we try to offer our clients at Battenhall is our first hand experience of the innovations shaping both for mainstream digital media and social media, and some of the less mainstream newer apps and platforms that are emerging too. We run a 20% time initiative here at Battenhall which means all staff dedicate a chunk of their working time to experimenting with what's new, rather than just client projects. It means we test and learn, a lot, and on top of this, working across brands in all sectors and sizes, we come across some fascinating examples of social media in practice. So on Monday at our briefing event, our team of consultants Steph Bennett, Tom Bradley, Andrew McClenaghan and Fereshta Amir presented their views on the social media trends to watch in 2018, all of which were covered in our new FTSE 100 report.

FTSE 100 social media report

Twitter has long been the biggest social network for the FTSE 100s and their corporate comms activities, due to its use in both consumer and B2B, and its use by the media in particular. But this year's report looks into the reasons behind Twitter's first drop in five years, and we review the stats on how Instagram is being used by the brands in our list. While Twitter use dropped by 2% for the FTSE 100s, Instagram is on the up and is now being used by 46% of these organisations.

Burberry took the double crown, as the most-followed brand in the FTSE 100 on both Instagram and Twitter. Paddy Power Betfair came out most influential, and a range of brands in highly regulated industries recorded low scores, with organisations such as CRH having their (perhaps unofficial) Twitter account suspended.

Social media trends for 2018: a look at new networks, Stories, influencers and safety

Finally, our speakers turned to a range of upcoming trends that we have noted as fast-growing this year, and worth watching closely for most brands across all sectors for the year ahead. How brands should reflect on the breadth of behaviours taking shape on social media platforms, and how to adapt content and engagement accordingly; how the growth of Stories on Instagram and other apps this year will impact consumers and brands in 2018; how privacy and niche interests are shaping the newest social media platforms that will be ones to watch in the year ahead; an how the two worlds of paid social media influencer engagement and industrial trolling are converging.

To download our full report for free, click here.


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