October 20, 2013Published by: Fereshta Amir

Soon you’ll be able to ‘like’ real world objects with Google Glass


When we say Google Glass, you say...? There are mixed reactions to this wearable technology device as it is one of the most talked about and hotly anticipated gadgets of the year. The plans for the most recent update is what got us talking: the Google patent that lets Glass wearers "like" real life objects with a heart-shaped hand gesture:

Google Glass like

These patents aren't necessarily proof that Google intends to roll out this feature, but it shows that the company is experimenting with new ways of controlling Glass that move beyond voice commands, head gestures and the device's swipe bar.

Similar to the 'like' button on Facebook, the Glass user would be able to frame real-world objects with a heart-shaped hand gesture and using its built-in camera, the wearable device would then analyse the framed content and intelligently ‘like’ the highlighted object or location. Google said that the update would also include other gestures including forming a right angle with your thumb and index finger or moving your hand in the shape of a closed loop.

The possibilities for brands could be endless with this feature if we were to future-gaze, but for now all one can do is wait and see whether Google will actually roll this out...

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