February 20, 2014Published by: Anton Perreau

LinkedIn unlocks long-form posting privileges

The LinkedIn iPad app loads up

This week the professional social network LinkedIn expanded to allow all its users to post in long-form. Up until now only a handful of key influencers had been given the exclusive right to publish content on the network, but opening up this feature to all users won't dilute influencers messages, only enhance them. Mashable reported that

'The influencer posts do well, says LinkedIn's Head of Content Products Ryan Roslansky, generating nearly 31,000 views and more than 80 comments on average.'

LinkedIn's recent move to become a content powerhouse included the rebranding of its news curation tool in November and and shortly after opened up showcase pages. The LinkedIn push probably won't stop here, what we're likely to see in the next few weeks is an increasing amount of user-generated content within LinkedIn, driving more traffic through personal profiles and business pages. Part of this being to enhance the overall experience of joining a group or connecting with an influential individual.

Those with the availability to publish in long-form will see a small pencil icon in the top of their share box, allowing them to write a post that could even then be amplified by the editorial team of LinkedIn - provided it's high quality. To read more about this, head on over to Mashable.

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