January 24, 2019Published by: Meg Edwards

Marks & Spencer is head over heels for influencers

Yesterday at almost exactly 2pm, seven well known fashion and lifestyle influencers took to Instagram to unveil their latest partnership with high street giant, Marks & Spencer.

Each revealed they had designed their perfect pair of shoes, from start to finish, as part of the new summer footwear collection, available to buy in March.

The collection has been very well received for a number of reasons. The seven women represent inclusivity in terms of age, shape, size, background and style, and are real and relatable as their large fan base suggests. The seven designs, including flats and heels, range from £35 - £50 and offer something for everyone. They are named after each influencer, match their personality and style perfectly, and women are excited to be part of the puzzle and own a pair of these shoes.

For a number of years now, Marks & Spencer has fully harnessed the power of influencer marketing. They work with a host of celebrities including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Holly Willoughby and Alexa Chung but also have ongoing partnerships with multi-tier lifestyle influencers with different sized followings. Everyone remembers THAT jumpsuit which sold out in 24 hours - macro, micro and nano influencers helped make that happen!

M&S’ new influencer-first footwear campaign sparks some interesting questions about the future of influencer marketing and the direction we’re likely to see more brands take:

  1. Collaborations vs. sponsored content - This is an example of a brand working with an influencer in a different way. It’s no longer about an influencer reviewing a product for a fee. It’s about them being a part of the creation process.
  2. The power of a community - From our listening tools, we can see just how influential these seven women can be and how their followers interlink. Working with a number of influencer active in a similar community increases your reach, sparks amazing conversation and can create huge buzz as it did yesterday, on launch day.
  3. What’s next - It proves that the influencer marketing sector is maturing in the UK. It’s is an example of how we’ll see social media stars developing their own careers in new directions, and we predict to see a trend for more brands integrating influencers even further into their future marketing plans.

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