April 11, 2013Published by: Drew Benvie

New Foursquare launches, lands $41m funding and looks to reinvent mobile search

New Foursquare 2

Foursquare used to be about checking in where you are, to earn discounts, points, badges or just to add a bit of extra context to your next tweet. However as time has gone by, and with the company turning four years old this month, using Foursquare has become more about discovery than anything else.

This week Foursquare launched its new app, Foursquare 6.0. And today the company made a big announcement, that it has landed $41m in new funding.

If you have not tried Foursquare yet, not is the best time to give it a go, especially if you every search from your mobile (which will be most of us know I would guess). The new app is breathtakingly designed and will impress from a results perspective too, being based on 3.5bn check-ins that have been gathered from users since launch.

Most interesting of insights of all is this quote from founder Dennis Crowley on the positioning of Foursquare as a service, from the official funding announcement: "To us, this is like when Google came and revolutionized web search. Suddenly, you could find things on the internet. The real world is the same way." How very simple.


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